City of Karratha

Economic Development - Overarching

Below are some of the statements and questions raised to guide the overarching focus of the City of Karratha Economic Development Strategy - please take some time to add your thoughts to the below:


  • The Strategy should have clear measures of success
  • Stakeholders need to be identified and mapped
  • Economic development should be a link to partnerships and community services
  • There are many stakeholders and people working on economic development which can be helpful but clarity of roles is needed
  • We need a strong partnership approach – PDC, KDCCI, BCP, Woodside, Yara, Rio, Aboriginal Corporations and groups, RDA etc
  • We need the whole community to support the vision and work together to facilitate it. Negativity should be tackled head on because it can undermine good efforts
  • Focus on what people (investors, visitors, new residents, existing business) need/want, not what we want them to need/want
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