City of Karratha

Economic Development - Knowledge Economy

Below are some of the statements and questions raised to guide the knowledge economy aspect of the City of Karratha Economic Development Strategy - please take some time to add your thoughts to the below:

Knowledge Economy

  • Education is a big opportunity as it is a motivator for migration. Premium education is needed for families with kids
  • University campus should be linked to international student markets and the focus should be on futuristic disciplines - what is next?
  • We should leverage that Rio Tinto, Woodside and Yarra are at the cutting edge of technology and use this in our education and image as a progressive and innovative place
  • We should become known for something - niche, best of breed. Train the best miners/geologist (or other disciplines?) export to the world. attract people to get the best education/qualification in the world
  • Universities can enable and leverage future changes, especially in technology advances and Karratha could be the place to put this into practice as a point of difference
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