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Economic Development

"Our economic development objective is to leverage our extensive natural assets to attract business investment and nurture the emergence of new sustainable industries to create local jobs."

Peter Long, City of Karratha Mayor

We are committed to exploring the limits of what a local government can achieve for our community – with the vision of becoming Australia’s most liveable regional city.
The City of Karratha is of global economic significance, hosting multinational corporations and exporting resources worldwide. The City has a long history of exporting iron ore, liquefied natural gas, salt and ammonium products. While this is set to continue into the future, there is an opportunity to leverage this strong economic foundation and diversify the local economy to attract sustainable businesses and employment opportunities.
Our progressive council embraces opportunities that facilitate innovation and economic diversification and welcome collaborative partnerships with government, business and the private sector.
Read the Economic Development Strategy here. (2MB PDF)
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Small and Medium Business Support 
Small businesses are an integral part of the local economy. Despite being underrepresented in the number of local small and medium businesses per capita when compared to the wider state, the number of small businesses within the region grew by 4.2 per cent from 2017 to 2018, which is more than double the rate of growth across the state. This is not uncommon where the local economy is dominated by large industries and creates opportunities for enterprising individuals to take advantage of gaps and establish successful businesses.
A thriving small and medium business sector will support the community and provide a number of career choices for local residents. The City is committed to working closely with the business community to identify and address key issues in order to create conditions that will allow local businesses to succeed.

Investment Attraction and Diversification

The Pilbara region has benefited from significant investment in resources and energy related infrastructure however, the economy is subject to the cyclical nature of these industries, in particular the construction phases and subsequent return to operations. This economic foundation is a significant advantage and while construction phases can result in increased levels of sustained local jobs and business opportunities, an ability to accommodate the peaks of resource cycles is critical to achieving the City of Karratha’s vision of being Australia’s most liveable regional city.

Attracting investment in new industries will diversify the local economy creating more opportunities for existing businesses to grow and new businesses to establish. Tourism, agriculture, aquaculture, education and solar energy have all been highlighted as strategic business opportunities. These form the focus areas for the diversification of the City’s economy in the near term.

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City Investment and Partnerships 
The City of Karratha’s preference is to create market conditions that enable the private sector to take up local business opportunities. We believe in our place and our opportunities. The City has a great culture, local leadership and passionate staff who come to work every day to make an impact and difference in their community.
The City has partnered with private sector and government agencies to provide support and funding to a range of initiatives that address business gaps and opportunities within the City. The City is committed to facilitating investment business activity through partnerships that deliver projects that result in wide-reaching economic benefits for the economy.
To achieve our desired economic development outcomes, we choose to:
  • Enable and facilitate opportunities by creating the right conditions for business to thrive, attract new investment and grow
  • Advocate for private and public investment, address challenges and leverage strengths to further economic development 
  • Deliver and implement projects and activities that will have an economic impact using our own assets or in partnership with others

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