City of Karratha

Cyclone recovery

This page contains key information regarding the recovery efforts following Severe Tropical Cyclone Damien that crossed the Pilbara coast on Saturday 8 February 2020. 



While we are recovering from Severe Tropical Cyclone Damien, it is important to remember that we are still in cyclone season, which runs from November through to April.

The City of Karratha is coordinating clean up and recovery efforts across all towns, with a focus on safety. However, we urge residents not to become complacent and rely solely on this service; the threat of another cyclone could become imminent at any time. 

We strongly recommend that if you have the ability to do so, you make use of the free 7 Mile and Wickham waste transfer stations and dispose of your own household waste, both green and other. 

Stay prepared! The Department of Fire and Emergency Services WA provides a comprehensive guide on what to expect and how to prepare yourself, your family and your home. For information please visit The Department of Fire and Emergency Services WA website or download a copy of the latest Cyclone Preparedness Guide


Severe Tropical Cyclone Damien posed the biggest risk to the Pilbara coast in a decade. Crossing directly over Karratha and Dampier on Saturday 8 February 2020 as a category 3 system, with wind gusts reaching 185km/h. 

While we are still in the recovery phase, the City is working closely with emergency response agencies on recovery efforts. It is heartening to see the community band together in these challenging times; pitching in to assist each other with recovery efforts.



  • The City is continuing to assess damage to facilities and infrastructure and is prioritising the recovery efforts with a focus on safety.
  • The full extent of the damage sustained is still being assessed, therefore we are unable to gauge the cost and clean up time at this stage.
  • The City has received recovery funding assistance through Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements WA (DRFAWA), and the Mayor has authorised emergency expenditure arrangements at the local government level to assist recovery efforts.
  • If the below does not answer your enquiry, please feel free to contact the City of Karratha Administration on 9186 8555 and we will assist with your enquiry where possible. 
  • Regular updates are being posted to the City of Karratha Facebook page - please follow the page and individual posts for the most up to date information. 




  • The Karratha Airport terminal is open.
  • Significant recovery efforts involving City staff and contractors, airport-based and local businesses were undertaken to get this critical piece of infrastructure back up and operating.
  • Passengers are advised to contact their carrier regarding the status of delayed or rescheduled flights. Qantas: 13 13 13 | Virgin: 13 67 89.
  • If you suspect damage material to contain asbestos, then please treat it as asbestos unless and until identified otherwise.
  • Property owners are responsible for disposing correctly asbestos material, not tenants.
  • It is recommended that property owners employ a licenced asbestos removalist, as they are equipped to do the work safely. However, if you decide to do the work yourself, here is some useful information to assist:
  1. Awareness education kNOw asbestos from the Cancer Council
  2. Asbestos – a guide for households and the general public booklet & online
  3. The WA Department of Health Website – About asbestos
  4. WorkSafe Asbestos FAQ’s
  • Disposal can be made at 7-Mile waste facility – please call 9186 8555 to arrange.
  • Ensure any material containing asbestos is double wrapped in heavy duty plastic and labelled with an asbestos warning prior to being transported to an approved asbestos disposal area.
  • Any exposed edging of asbestos material needs to be sealed. This can be done with a dyed outdoor rated PVA glue. You should be able to purchase dyed outdoor rated PVA glue at any of the local hardware stores.
  • For further advice, please contact the City’s Environmental Health team on 9186 8555.
  • Bin collections recommenced Monday 10 Feb. 
  • Ensure bins are accessible and not placed near verge piles or water domes.
  • Cleanaway manages the City of Karratha residential general waste & recycling collections, if you have a concern or query regarding your collection please contact them on 9119 5500 or email
  • Green Waste ONLY
  • We encourage you to to make use of the free 7 Mile Waste and Wickham Transfer Station facilities to dispose of waste if you have the ability to do so.
  • Cyclone green waste collections commenced Monday 17 Feb in Wickham/Point Samson/Roebourne, Dampier and Karratha. 
  • Due to the sheer volume of green waste, we’re pleased to be working with D & M Waste Management, Leethall Construction, Artyzan, Karratha Earth Moving, M&M Masonry and Rio Tinto in getting our city cleaned up as quickly as possible. Contractors will be moving through these areas as quickly as possible however it is expected to take 4-6 weeks.
  • Cyclone green waste collections will also occur in industrial and commercial areas however dates are yet to be confirmed. 
  • Please make sure green waste is trimmed into less than 1.5m in length per branch and stacked clear of fences, water meters, power poles and other obstructions.
  • Initial damage assessments have indicated green waste as the immediate priority in the clean up efforts.
  • Mixed waste poses significant risk during handling and processing at our waste stations and can lead to contamination, reducing our ability to repurpose and recycle. As a result, only green waste will be collected. 

Green waste collection progress:

  • Karratha –  80% complete
  • Dampier – 70% complete
  • Wickham – 90% complete
  • Point Samson – 35% complete
  • Roebourne – 98% complete​

The City is continuing to assess damage to facilities and infrastructure and is prioritising recovery efforts with a focus on safety. Damage to community facilities and council buildings can be reported through Report It on City website

Status of City of Karratha acilities are as follows: 

Please note: Department of Health testing and regulating of pool chemicals has taken place and all aquatic centres and pools are now open.  

  • City of Karratha Administration – operational
  • 7-mile Waste facility – operational
  • Karratha Leisureplex – operational 
  • Red Earth Arts Precinct and Karratha Library – operational
  • The Youth Shed – operational
  • Indoor Play Centre - operational
  • Karratha Airport Terminal – operational
  • Karratha Tourism & Visitor Centre – Operational
  • Karratha Golf Course - closed until further notice
  • Karratha Bowling Club - closed until further notice
  • Karratha Indoor Cricket - operational 
  • Frank Butler Centre - Function room closed, meeting rooms available for hire. 
  • Wickham Transfer Station – operational
  • Wickham Community Hub including Library and The Base – operational
  • Wickham Recreation Precinct and pool – operational (ovals remain closed)
  • Roebourne Pool – operational 
  • Roebourne Library - operational 
  • Dampier Community Hub and Dampier Library – Operational (Contact Montessori Early Years Learning direct for operational hours)
FENCES (Boundary)
  • If sections of your boundary fencing have come down during the cyclone then please follow the following advice:
  • Remove any material that could cause a risk if the wind picks back up.
  • If the fence adjoins a road reserve or public space, then please make sure the property boundary cannot be traversed to minimise the risk of crime.
  • When a dividing fence is in need of repair the owners of land on either side of the fence are liable, subject to the provisions of section 15 of the Dividing Fences Act 1961, to join in or contribute in equal proportions to the repair of the fence. For more information refer to the Dividing Fences Act 1961.
  • To reinstate or replace the fence you will require a building permit.
  • Contact your insurance provider.

For further advice, please contact the City’s Building Services team on 9186 8555.


The City urges all residents who have a pool to do what they can to ensure the ongoing safety by preventing access to pool areas.  Options for temporarily securing pool areas include:

  • Install 1800mm high temporary fencing panels
  • Install 1200mm high pool fencing wired to star pickets – if your fencing has come down you may have sufficient panels to temp fence around the edge of the pool rather than your usual larger pool area
  • Plank and mesh over the pool – secure planks and weld mesh over the pool itself to prevent entry

Please note that whether you are the owner, property manager or tenant, you all share the responsibility for ensuring the pool area is secured as soon as possible.

For further advice, please contact the City’s Building Services team on 9186 8555.


When disasters strike, the Insurance Council's Disaster Response Team is on the ground helping communities, insurers and governments during the event and throughout the recovery. They can be contacted on 1800 734 621 or by visiting

  • The City has a dedicated mosquito control program in place, and is actively monitoring and treating potential breeding sites.
  • Residents encouraged to clear up around their home and empty pooling water – in pots and other water carrying containers.
  • Swimming pools should be treated.
  • If your property has sustained serious damage and you need help, call the SES on 132 500 for assistance (if you make a report and no longer need assistance please cancel your report). 
  • DFES are experiencing an extremely high number of reports, so please be patient as they work through these. 
  • Damage to community facilities and council buildings can be reported through Report It on City website

The City is continuing to assess the damage to parks, ovals, playgrounds and other public open spaces.

  • Some of these areas have sustained significant damage including electrical.
  • The community is encouraged to exercise caution and avoid these areas where possible given the dangers caused by cyclone damage.
  • A Large amount of outdoor courts and ovals are only accessible during daylight hours. For site specific information please contact the Karratha Leisureplex on 08 9186 8556
  • Very large pools of water still present across majority of ovals and public open spaces. Please stay well clear of any pooled water or soggy areas to prevent further turf damage.
  • Significant issues with power supply and unknown issues with lighting infrastructure and alignments have caused the majority of facilities to be available during daylight hours only.
  • A large number of our playgrounds, parks and ovals have received considerable damage to trees, fences and play equipment. Public safety is a concern and we ask that where possible, you exercise caution or not access these areas while we assess and repair the damages. 


Following playgrounds/parks currently closed: 

  • Dampier Foreshore Southern Jr. Playdeck only (please note this is fenced off and signed and will remain closed until further notice. All other areas are NOW open)  

Although the majority of our parks are now reopened we do remind you to exercise caution when using these. 


The following courts & ovals are available: 

  • Leisureplex Ovals - Available
  • Outdoor Courts - Available
  • Bulgarra East - Available for use including cricket nets during daylight hours only.  
  • Bulgarra West - Available. 
  • Bulgarra Tennis Courts - Courts 1-4 unavailable until further notice. Courts 5-8 available for bookings and use during daylight hours only. 
  • Kevin Richards Memorial Oval - Available (including cricket nets) during daylight hours & large ball evening sports. 
  • Pegs Creek - Available. 1 Cricket net available, all others remain closed until further notice.
  • Tambrey - Available.
  • Nickol West - Available. 
  • Baynton West - Available (including cricket nets).
  • Please be cautious when driving around town while recovery operations are still in place – some road closures may be in place as crews work through the damages. For up to date road closure information visit:
  • There is a lot of damage to road signage and signals following TC Damien, ensure you are obeying all road rules, keeping to the speed limit and proceeding with caution through damage affected areas.
  • Main Roads WA have teams currently in place assessing damage. Please direct all enquiries and report all damage to them direct on 138 138 |  9172 8877 or email
  • Damages can be reported through Report It on the City website
  • A large amount of city signage has been damaged, this includes street and directional signage. We have commenced the process of reinstating and repairing where possible but we ask you take care when navigating through the city during this process. 
  • As the larger green waste and debris is cleared, we will be addressing hot spots for street sweeping. Once this has been addressed we will resume our regular street sweeping program. 

The following advice has been received from ABC WA & Broadcast Australia 

  • Radio services have been restored.
  • A widespread television outage caused by damage to the TV Hill tower in Bulgarra during Tropical Cyclone Damien has been temporarily fixed.
  • The broken antenna feeder cable and satellite downlink dish antenna have been temporarily fixed, with interim services resuming yesterday afternoon.
  • A permanent repair will commence next week (Monday 17 Feb) once replacement equipment arrives from the manufacturer in Melbourne, according to the ABC and Broadcast Australia.
  • Services will be disrupted while this work is carried out.
  • We’ll update this post as we receive information from Broadcast Australia and the ABC.
  • The Red Cross has a range of services to support you and your family post emergency.
  • Visit for a full list of resources
  • The City of Karratha has now been given access to the Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements WA (DRFAWA). 
  • There are different forms of assistance that are provided to individuals through the DRFAWA, these are managed by the Department of communities and local government. 
  • More information on the types of assistance that are available can be found here
  • If you require assistance or further information please phone the Department of Communities’ Disaster Relief Hotline on 1800 032 965 or email