City of Karratha

Council Meeting Dates

Council Meetings are held on the third Monday of the month in the Council Chambers of the City of Karratha office located on Welcome Road, Karratha unless otherwise noted (see below).


The City of Karratha Ordinary Council Meeting to be held on 17 June 2019 has been rescheduled to Friday, 28 June 2019 at 3 pm in Council Chambers, Welcome Road, Karratha.

This meeting is open to members of the public.

Agenda papers will be available at the meeting and via the Council website



Public notice is hereby given of the City of Karratha Ordinary Council Meeting Dates for 2019, which were adopted by Council at its meeting on 19 November 2018. All meetings will commence at 6.30 pm and are open to the public.




10 December 2018Council Chambers, Karratha

21 January 2019

Council Chambers, Karratha

18 February 2019

Council Chambers, Karratha

18 March 2019

Council Chambers, Karratha

15 April 2019

Roebourne Cultural Complex (Ngurin Centre)

20 May 2019

Council Chambers, Karratha

28 June 2019 @ 3pm

Council Chambers, Karratha

15 July 2019

Council Chambers, Karratha

19 August 2019

Wickham Community Hub, Wickham

16 September 2019

Council Chambers, Karratha

28 October 2019

Council Chambers, Karratha

18 November 2019

Council Chambers, Karratha

9 December 2019

Council Chambers, Karratha

Any changes to the time, dates or venues will be publicly advertised.


A period of Public Question Time will be open for 15 minutes at each meeting and this is your opportunity to ask questions. You will be asked to provide your name, address and question in writing. The question does not have to be written on a City form. It can be in the form of a letter or note, as long as it legibly shows your question and contact details. During the meeting at Public Question Time you will be invited to ask your question.

The question will either be responded to, taken on notice or not accepted by the Presiding Officer, usually the Mayor. If a question is taken on notice then it will be recorded and a written response provided to the questioner as soon as possible.

If possible, please email your question through to before the meeting. Your question will not be asked if you do not attend.