City of Karratha

Cossack Visioning Study

The future direction for Cossack has been considered at State and Local Government level for many years. The City of Karratha has been the managing authority of Cossack since a 21 year lease agreement with the State was entered into in 1996. Numerous investigations and resulting reports into the future of Cossack have been developed over the years, however no consensus has been developed as to which components of the various investigations should be progressed. As a result, the status quo, of ‘care and maintenance’ of the town and Jarman Island has continued, with minimal funds available to the Shire to properly maintain such an historical asset.

The Cossack Visioning Study was undertaken to develop options for a future vision for Cossack that would ensure the long term maintenance of the existing historical value and physical attributes of the town, whilst providing a tourist draw-card for the region that is economically viable and sustainable.

The Visioning Study initially undertook a constraints analysis and looked at the potential opportunities of Cossack’s location. When undertaking the constraints analysis each of the physical constraints (flooding, storm surge, topography, existing known archaeological sites) along with a view shed analysis of the site was mapped and layered. This produced imagery that determined the areas within the Cossack townsite that were considered appropriate for future development and would not have a significant visual impact on the existing historical centre of Cossack, the old school site location and on the entry into Cossack.

In addition evidential analysis of all relevant earlier reports relating to management of the town of Cossack was undertaken and these documents are referenced on page 4 of this document.

From this analysis and with guidance from the Cossack Advisory Group (CAG), the study developed three options for the town and a vision statement. The CAG supported Cossack as a place that should encompass the following: heritage town, tourism destination, eco-village style, sustainable, self sufficient in terms of most services, low impact, sensitive design, low visual impact and economically viable. Further to this, it was hoped the study may provide within the developed options a potential avenue to assist with existing land tenure issues at Cossack that would allow for the progression of a vision for Cossack.

Three options were developed following the constraints and opportunities analysis:

  1. The first concept explores the idea of a concealed development that is hidden from the key viewing area that define Cossacks current visual character.
  2. The second aims to re-instate the character of the past and is focused on the creation of shack or cabin like accommodation options close to the centre of town to re-create a lively town centre that is in keeping with the past.
  3. The third concept is a combination of the first two with multiple accommodation options both shack like cabins that reinstate the character of the past in the town centre and concealed camping and high end glamour camping or “Glamping”.

All concepts adhere to specific defining principles that assist in guiding development to achieve the desired character in a practical and site suitable way.

Click here to view the Cossack Visioning Study (7.5MB)