City of Karratha

Survey highlights focus for Council

14 May 2020

The 2020 City of Karratha Community Survey is complete, with feedback from residents highlighting key priorities for Council over the next 12 months.

Conducted annually since 2012, the survey invites residents to rate the performance and importance of 18 service services areas and a number of facilities the City provides. It also asks residents to rank priorities for the following year.

City of Karratha Mayor Peter Long said the City received an overall satisfaction score of 72 per cent.

“This is comparative to the 75 per cent the City received last year, the 73 per cent recorded in 2018 and the 70 per cent received in 2017,” Cr Long said.

“Sixty-two per cent said the City is a good or excellent place to live, which is on par with the 64 per cent received last year.

“We received 1562 completed responses this year, which is an increase on last year’s 1429 responses, and we’re glad to see more people taking the time to have their say.

“We’re pleased to see the number of residents with no plans to leave the City is 41.3 per cent, which remains steady compared to 41.9 per cent last year. Back in 2011, this was only 14 per cent.”

In addition to measuring City delivered services and facilities, this year’s survey asked residents to rate the importance and performance of a number of liveability factors not under Council’s direct influence.

Respondents ranked the top five liveability factors for improvement as access to health services, the cost of living, safety, security and policing, retail offerings and housing.

All City of Karratha services and facilities achieved a performance score above 60 per cent.

“Council values the feedback provided through this survey and uses it to work to close any gaps in the services we provide,” Cr Long said.

The best things about living in the City were identified as:

  1. Leisure, recreation and entertainment
  2. Natural environment
  3. Sense of community

Areas for improvement were identified as:

  1. Access to health services
  2. Cost of living
  3. Safety, security and policing

The top three Council services that exceeded community expectations were:

  1. Graffiti removal
  2. Dog and cat control
  3. Tracks and trails

The services where satisfaction was lowest compared to community expectations were:

  1. Financial responsibility
  2. Prevention of illegal dumping
  3. Mosquito control

The results of the 2020 Community Survey will be used to inform strategic planning and budget allocation for the next financial year. Full results are available at