City of Karratha

Have your say about the Cleaverville foreshore management plan

29 Nov 2018

The City of Karratha would like to hear your thoughts about the management of popular fishing and camping spot, Cleaverville.

Cleaverville, located 20 minutes west of Karratha, is used for fishing, camping and off-road driving by locals year-round and visitors during the winter months.

However, a growing residential population and number of seasonal visitors are impacting the area.

An extensive network of unregulated access tracks are causing dune erosion and campers are establishing new campsites along the foreshore, which provides habitat for four critically endangered bird species and two vulnerable turtle species.

The City has developed a draft foreshore management plan to protect the coastal environment for future generations.

The draft foreshore management plan will guide the City’s management of Cleaverville to ensure the site’s long-term recreational, cultural and ecological values, and enhance tourism activities.

The draft foreshore management plan was developed in consultation with traditional owners and the community, including community workshops, an online survey and interviews with visitors at Cleaverville.

Council endorsed the draft foreshore management plan in November and the City is inviting the community to review the plan and make comments and suggestions.

The draft foreshore management plan is available online at

Submissions should be made in writing to Ranger Services, City of Karratha PO Box 219 Karratha WA 6714 or via email to before Wednesday, 19 December.