City of Karratha

Community shares priorities with Council

05 Apr 2019

The 2019 City of Karratha Community Survey is complete with feedback from residents highlighting key priorities for Council moving forward.

The annual survey invites residents to rate the overall performance of the City across 26 services areas during the past year, and rank priorities for the City during the following year.

City of Karratha Mayor Peter Long said the City received some of the highest scores since the survey commenced in 2012.

“The City recorded an overall satisfaction score of 75 per cent, which is an increase compared to 73 per cent in 2018 and 70 per cent in 2017 and our highest yet,” Cr Long said.

“This is very pleasing because it indicates the community feels Council is moving in the right direction and providing services and facilities that meet community expectations.”

“Of the 1430 responses received, 88.3 per cent of people rate the City is an average or above place to live, with 63.6 per cent saying it’s good or excellent. Nearly half the respondents rating the City as a better or much better place to live compared to 12 months ago, which is a 7.5 per cent improvement from last year’s results.”

“Another highlight is the increased number of residents who have no plans to leave the City of Karratha. Back in 2011, this figure was 14 per cent but today we have climbed to 41.9 per cent.”

“Rest assured, Council is always looking for ways to improve and we will keep assessing our performance across the board and strive to close any gaps in the services we provide.”

Further analysis of results found an upward trend in community satisfaction for the majority of the 26 Council services that the City seeks feedback on.

The best things about living in the City were identified as:

  1. Natural environment
  2. Leisure, recreation and entertainment
  3. Sense of community

Areas of concern were:

  1. Cost of living
  2. Safety and security
  3. Retail offerings

The top three Council services that exceeded community expectations were:

  1. Dog and cat control
  2. Libraries
  3. Wickham Recreation Precinct

The services where satisfaction was lowest compared to community expectations were:

  1. Illegal dumping
  2. Financial responsibility
  3. Airport services

These survey results will be used to inform budget planning and resource allocation for the next financial year.

Full results can be viewed at