City of Karratha

City raises concerns ahead of Bay Village development decision

05 Oct 2018

Woodside will contest a number of conditions proposed by the City of Karratha when it make its case for the development of Bay Village workers camp next week.

The City of Karratha Council resolved to support the application subject to 14 conditions including that the facility would have a time-limited development approval of 10-years and could only be used for Woodside employees and contractors.

Woodside has now indicated it will contest these conditions as well as another to build a lit pedestrian way and cycle path linking Bay Village with the Tambrey Estate.

Instead, Woodside is pushing for a 30-year approval and wants to remove the other conditions altogether effectively meaning that the camp could operate in the open market.

City of Karratha Chief Executive Officer Chris Adams said he was disappointed with the decision by Woodside to contest the conditions.

“Despite Council strongly objecting to a new lease for this development, the City has been working with Woodside in good faith to achieve the best possible outcomes for our community,” Mr Adams said.

“We have set out what we think is a very fair and reasonable list of conditions to enable a facility of this type to operate in our community. The 10-year development approval is in line with all recent camp developments to ensure that FIFO facilities only remain while demand exists.”

“Woodside’s justification for this facility was that it was required for staff and contractors associated with their projects, but they are now saying they will not have a participating interest in the facility and want it to run as a commercial operation.”

“We are hopeful that the joint development assessment panel will have our local community in mind when it makes its final decision on the Bay Village development next week.”

The Joint Development Assessment Panel will meet on Tuesday 9 September to make its decision.

If the JDAP approves the development, Woodside will seek a lease from the State Government for the site.

The City will continue to advocate that, if this facility to be built, it needs to have appropriate rules and regulations around it so it works as a part of our community and is not detrimental to the local community and local businesses.