City of Karratha

City offers improved security incentives

05 Nov 2019

The City of Karratha will offer a greater subsidy towards home security measures as part of a recent initiative aimed at preventing crime and anti-social behaviour.

Since March, eligible residents have been able to claim a rebate of up to half the cost of installing sensor security lighting, closed-circuit television and alarm systems to a maximum of $200 under the Safer Communities Partnership’s Security Subsidy Scheme.

Residents can now claim back up to $500 towards these costs after Council amended the scheme to make it more attractive and accessible to the community.

In addition, security-related products are no longer required to be hard-wired to the property and multiple applications per household can be made up to the threshold.

City of Karratha Mayor Peter Long said the changes were introduced after seeking feedback from the community over the past six months to ensure the scheme is as effective as possible.

“Community safety is a priority for Council and we hope these changes to the conditions will encourage more residents to take advantage of the scheme,” Cr Long said.

“If you are considering installing security at your home, contact the City to discuss your options to make the most of the reimbursement on offer.

“Community safety is a shared responsibility and Council is committed to continuing to work with police to prevent crime and antisocial behaviour and increase the liveability of our communities.”

Other Safer Communities Partnership initiatives funded by the City of Karratha include the expansion of footpath lighting programs, subsidised motorcycle and bicycle locks and Meet the Street initiative to build neighbourhood relationships.

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