City of Karratha

Camp land tenure not in line with Council vision

25 Jan 2018

Council has reaffirmed its position on transient workforce accommodation, objecting to a proposal which could extend the life of temporary accommodation at Searipple Village.

Fleetwood Corporation has applied to the State Government for permanent ownership over a portion of land on the site which is currently under a temporary lease arrangement to 2022.

City of Karratha Mayor Peter Long said granting freehold title over this land could lead to an additional 800 rooms being used for long-term transient workforce accommodation.

“The accommodation at Searipple Village, which is currently on State Government leasehold land, was built as an interim measure to meet the short-term spikes in demand during the mining construction boom.  It was never intended as a long-term accommodation solution.”

“We have developed a high level of amenity in our towns and residents now have access to a good range of community facilities, health and education services. Where possible we want to encourage workforces to support residential arrangements which help to build our City and community.”

“Demand for short-term workforce accommodation has dropped significantly since these types of facilities were built and evidence suggests there is enough supply in the market to meet the demand for construction and maintenance peak periods.”

“If Searipple Village is entirely freehold, then it may lead to a position where additional accommodation is used for long-term baseload supply. This is against Council’s established position and vision to reduce transient workforce accommodation in favour of permanent residential dwellings.”

The City of Karratha will respond to the State Government Department of Lands, objecting to the granting of freehold tenure.