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Local Planning Strategy

An insight into City of Karratha's planning for the future and responses to land development.


The City has prepared a Draft Local Planning Strategy which represents the land use planning direction that will achieve the City’s strategic and community aspirations.

What do you want to see in the City of Karratha's long term planning strategy? from City of Karratha on Vimeo.

The City has prepared a Draft Local Planning Strategy (LPS) to guide and facilitate the long term growth and development of the entire local government area including the towns of Dampier, Karratha, Roebourne, Wickham, Point Samson and Cossack.

The vision for a cohesive and vibrant community, celebrating diversity and working together to create a sense of place and a sustainable future recognises and supports the growth and development of the City. The Local Planning Strategy has been designed to ensure the City can grow as required in a co-ordinated and timely way.


Pro-actively Planning for Today and the Future

The Local Planning Strategy is based upon a 15 year planning horizon to enable a projected population growth to a population of 38,000.

Longer term planning and ‘future proofing’ options are provided to consider growth scenarios for a population of 50,000 in the long term.


Local Planning Strategy Format

The LPS consists of two parts consistent with the Western Australia Planning Commission’s Local Planning Manual:

  • Part A – Provides a rationale for the LPS based upon the context analysis and evidential analysis detailed in Part B.
  • Part B – Provides the relevant background and context to the LPS, including analysis of the evidential base.



Where can I find more information?

Version publicly advertised:

Local Planning Strategy Part A

Local Planning Strategy Part B

Version adopted at the December 2017 Ordinary Council Meeting:

Local Planning Strategy Part A

Local Planning Strategy Part B

Our Local Planning Strategy plans can be sourced here:

Point Samson

Or you can contact the Project Manager, Chris Sayer on 9186 8674 if you have any questions or wish to discuss any aspect of the Local Planning Strategy.

How can I better understand the Strategy and its implications for me?

Eight Key Elements

Eight key elements comprise the Strategy which are considered in a coordinated manner. These key elements include:

  1. Identity;
  2. Economic Drivers;
  3. Population and Preferred Growth Pattern;
  4. Settlements;
  5. Community Services and Spaces;
  6. Natural Environment and Resource Protection;
  7. Transport Infrastructure; and
  8. Utilities



Stage in the approval Process


What comes next in the progression of the Strategy?

Following the public advertisement of the draft Local Planning Strategy the City will consider all submissions and make modification to the documents.

The modified Local Planning Strategy will then be presented to council for Adoption before submission to State Agency, the Western Australian Planning Commission for endorsement.

After the Strategy is finalised?

The finalised Local Planning Strategy will be used as a key document to inform the review of the City’s Town Planning Scheme No.8 and the preparation of the Local Planning Scheme No.9.