City of Karratha

Karratha Revitalisation Strategy

An exciting new project that will guide the redevelopment and improvement of Karratha’s oldest neighbourhoods of Millars Well, Pegs Creek and Bulgarra

Karratha Revitalisation Strategy

The City has prepared the Karratha Revitalisation Strategy to provide an overarching framework for the future development of the established suburbs of Millars Well, Pegs Creek and Bulgarra. The study area is depicted below:

The Strategy proposes enhanced streetscapes and public amenity, a greater diversity in housing options and improved transport networks.

Key Objectives of the KRS are to:

  1. provide the opportunity to develop additional dwellings of sufficient diversity to meet future housing demand. This housing will need to reflect the local climate and contribute to enhanced liveability.
  2. provide a better connected movement network that reduces travel distances and improves safety for residents irrespective of how they travel.
  3. develop a hierarchy of parks and connected open spaces with high quality facilities that are within reasonable, safe and pleasant walking distance of all dwellings.
  4. enhance the local character and amenity of streetscapes and swales to improve liveability and community pride.

Karratha Revitalisation Strategy process

Pro-actively Planning for Today and the Future

All of the design elements that comprise the KRS are intended to work together to deliver a model of revitalisation for Karratha. The key design elements of the KRS are represented in the following figure:

Integrated Movement Network

Improving connectivity across the study area is a key objective of the KRS. Improved connectivity between adjacent residential cells, across suburbs and with the City Centre will support an effective transport system in the future. A better connected road network will also avert future road congestion concerns resulting from local traffic being concentrated upon the Distributor Roads such as Dampier Road. These Distributor Roads are designed to function for district level traffic movements and local traffic impedes their function.

Streetscape Improvements

A street tree planting program is proposed to create green avenues along local streets. This will provide higher levels of pedestrian amenity and comfort through establishment of tree-lined streets.

Density Plan

The KRS recommends a new density plan for the study area which recognises the potential for redevelopment and the provision of a variety of housing types. The density plan comprises:

  • a minor density code increase from R20 (450 m2 per dwelling) to R25 (350m2 per dwelling) across the majority of the study area;
  • provision for a density coding of R40 (220m2 per dwelling) in close proximity to the City Centre, public open spaces, community facilities, and along the proposed east-west spine road (the Green Link); and
  • rezoning of Lazy Lands residential infill sites to Urban Development.

The Density Plan is depicted below: