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Community Safety

The City of Karratha is actively working to create safe, healthy and liveable communities through the Safer Communities Partnership. 


The Safer Communities Partnership community safety survey is now open. Let us know what issues you think are most important when it comes to community safety in our City and not only will you be helping us plan for the future but you'll also go in the draw to win 1 of 4 $250 fuel vouchers!

Community safety, which is a priority for the City and our community, is a complex area that cannot be addressed by any one organisation alone. The City has joined forces with WA Police and key industry and government stakeholders to form the Safer Communities Partnership, and is working with the community to develop and implement programs to address community safety. The Safer Communities Partnership (formerly known as the Cleansweep Taskforce) delivers community safety initiatives focusing on the following five key areas:


The Safer Communities Partnership Strategic Plan 2015-2018 underpinned by the City’s Strategic Community Plan 2016 – 2026, has been developed to build on the successes of the Cleansweep Taskforce Strategic Plan 2012-2015 and further enhance our community as a safe and desirable place to live. The renaming of the Cleansweep Taskforce to the Safer Communities Partnership has been implemented in conjunction with the development of the new Strategic Plan. The new name is a more relevant reflection of the goals of the Partnership and commitment of the Steering Group membership who are working together to address community safety within the communities throughout the City of Karratha.

Safer Communities Partnership Strategic Plan 2015-2018

Four strategic goals were identified through the review of the Cleansweep Taskforce Strategic Plan 2012-2015 and following the community and stakeholder consultation process. Specific objectives have been set in relation to each of these goals and an action plan process will be undertaken with the Steering Group to affirm the key projects to be delivered each year under the Safer Communities Partnership Strategic Plan 2015-2018. 1. Safe and well maintained public spaces 2. Partnering for a safer community 3. Communications and promotion 4. Community action, connection and involvement View the Safer Communities Partnership Strategic Plan 2015-18 (1MB)

Community Safety Survey

A community safety survey is conducted annually – in November/ December each year. Results from the survey are analysed and used to determine the Safer Communities Partnership’s priorities and focus each year and further into the future. In the most recent survey, analysis revealed:

  • There was a noticeable positive shift in opinion on how safe community members felt in the City, with over 75% of the community feeling the City was a safe place to live.
  • Community members identified that streets, footpaths and underpasses were the key locations where they felt unsafe, and this was primarily due to poor lighting.
  • Just over a third of people who had been a victim of crime did not report the offence to Police, primarily because it was a minor matter of low value, due to their own fault (didn’t lock up) or didn’t want to waste Police resources. As a result of the survey, the City has committed over $600,000 towards footpath lighting in the 2017/18 financial year. In addition, all footpaths throughout the City will be assessed in relation to lighting and a long term plan developed for future installations.
  • The Report It reporting platform has been developed to assist community members report community safety issues which can be addressed by the City of Karratha such as graffiti and vandalism, noise complaints, off road vehicles etc. There are also links through Report It to external agencies including Police, Housing Authority and Horizon Power to enable you to report community safety issues, such as faulty street lights, noisy neighbours and some crimes (stolen or damaged property up to the value of $3000).

Crime/Anti-Social Behaviour

The Safer Communities Partnership is consistently working hard to prevent crime and anti-social behaviours within the City. This is achieved through the following implemented initiatives:

  • Footpath Lighting:

The City is installing additional lighting along our footpaths to improve lighting and make our walkways safer. Nearly $700,000 has already been spent on footpath lighting installations over the last 4 years along key walkways throughout Karratha. A long term plan is under development, where every footpath within the City of Karratha will be assessed and prioritised for lighting installation. During 2017/2018 over $600,000 has been allocated for footpath lighting, which will be installed in Nickol, Bulgarra, Pegs Creek, Wickham, Roebourne and Point Samson.

  • Motorbike Locks:

To help reduce theft of motorbikes because they haven’t been locked or stored securely, community members are able to purchase locks at heavily subsidised rates. Locks can be purchased from Karratha Motorcycles and Northwest Honda. Click for further information on the types and prices of the locks.

  • Meet the Neighbours:

Getting to know your neighbours is a great way to improve neighbourhood safety and build cohesive communities. To assist, handy fridge magnets are available for all residents to prompt neighbours to swap contact details. The magnets also contain essential phone contact numbers. Magnets can be collected from the City of Karratha Administration office. 

  • National Bike Register:

Bike theft is an increasing problem identified by the Karratha Police. Numerous stolen bikes are recovered with no way of identifying the rightful owner. Police, Crime Stoppers Australia and Data Dot Technology Ltd have developed ‘The National Bike Register’ which allows bike owners to log information for free about their bicycles and bike parts on to a secure database. From this logged information police are able to verify ownership and details of found bicycles which assists in returning the bicycle to the rightful owner.

Follow these three steps to help prevent bicycle theft:

  • Step 1: Register your bike on the National Bike Register
  • Step 2: Mark your bike with your (or a family member’s) driver’s license number using a UV marker pen or other security marking kits. UV marker pens are available from Karratha Police Station or the City of Karratha administration.
  • Step 3: Apply the warning label. Reduce your risk of theft by warning thieves that you use the National Bike Register by applying a tamper evident warning label to the seat post or seat tube. Warning labels are available from Karratha Police Station or the City of Karratha administration. The first 1000 people to register their bike will receive a free bike lock which can be picked up from the Karratha Police Station or the City of Karratha administration – proof of registration required.

  • Lock it or Lose it:

Implementing basic security measures in and around your home and for your ‘toys’ can help make your home and neighbourhood safer. Stealing valuable items such as bicycles, electronic devices, fishing rods, work tools and property from inside cars is generally opportunistic and is easily preventable. Simply locking these items up or storing them securely significantly improves your chances of NOT becoming a victim of crime. For details on initiatives and crime prevention information, please see below:

  1. How to prevent bicycle theft

  2. How to prevent motorcycle theft

  3. National Bike Register

  • CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design)

CPTED is a proven crime approach to reduce opportunities for crime. In the home or workplace, the concept focusses on designing or modifying aspects of the property in ways that will help reduce or prevent crime, resulting in a safer community. A simple CPTED self-assessment can highlight how secure your home or property is and outline simple measures that can be implemented to address these shortfalls.

Click to download CPTED Self Assessment (1.5MB)

To find out more on CPTED and CPTED principles, please contact the City’s Community Safety Coordinator on 9186 8555.

Graffiti Management

Free community removal kits are available to residents, businesses and schools and are ideally suited to remove small amounts of graffiti on smooth surfaces, such as colorbond fences, letterboxes and playground equipment. These kits can be collected from the City of Karratha Administration office. 

We work with the Department of Corrective Services Juvenile Justice and Repay WA community work teams to assist us with further graffiti removal. To assist prevent graffiti, community art projects are installed at community facilities where graffiti hotspots are identified.

Schools and early learning centres were recently visited by Captain Cleanup, who provided fun and interactive educational performances about the impact graffiti has on our community. We aim to have educational incursions to schools every 2 years to remind students on the importance of looking after our community and staying graffiti free. 

Litter Management

The Bucks for Bags programs enables local community and not-for-profit groups to conduct litter clean-ups throughout the City of Karratha and raise funds at the same time. Six dollars per bag is paid (to a maximum of $2000 per cleanup). Resources including gloves, rubbish bags and litter pickers are provided to assist with the cleanup. Contact the Community Safety Coordinator if your group is interested in conducting a cleanup by calling 9186 8555.

We work closely with our Rangers team to respond to reports of litter dumping. Littering or dumping rubbish is an offence. Anyone can report offences through our online reporting tool, Report It. Litter associated with unsecure loads can be a hazard to road users and also makes our City look untidy.

The ‘What’s coming out your rear end? Secure your load’ signs have been installed along road sides throughout the City of Karratha to remind road users to secure their loads. Rubbish coming out the back of vehicles or trailers is an offence and can be reported through our online reporting tool, Report It.

Education is key to addressing litter in our community. Captain Cleanup recently visited primary schools and early learning centres, providing educational, fun and interactive performances to children which promote pride in the community and responsible ways to dispose or recycle litter. Educational incursions are offered biennially to schools, to reinforce litter messages to our younger community members. 

Drugs & Alcohol Management

We are members of the West Pilbara Liquor Accord and West Pilbara Drug & Alcohol Management Group and work closely with other member agencies in these groups to address drug and alcohol problems within our community.

Road/Vehicle Safety

The Partnership works with our Rangers team and WA Police to address road and off-road vehicle issues. Anyone can report off road vehicle issues through our online reporting tool, Report It. Year 10 students from local high schools complete the ‘Keys for Life’ program – a pre-driver program that assists educate about safe road use and provides licensing and graduation benefits. All students who complete the program are given a basic first aid kit to keep in their car. We are members of the Pilbara Industry Road Safety Alliance and WALGA Roadwise program. A variable message sign is used to promote safe driving and community safety messages.

How to use the 'Report It' function

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