City of Karratha

Safer Communities Partnership

After a City of Karratha community survey revealed safety and crime prevention were major concerns for locals, the City of Karratha and the WA Police joined forceswith key industry and government stakeholders to address these issues through the Safer Communities Partnership.

The Safer Communities Partnership Terms of Reference outlines the scope and limitations for the Partnership, including functions, membership and management. The Partnership delivers community safety initiatives focusing on the following five key areas:

  • Crime/anti-social behavior
  • Graffiti management
  • Litter management
  • Drug and alcohol management
  • Road and vehicle safety

The Cleansweep Taskforce Strategic Plan 2012-2015 has successfully been implemented and the Safer Communities Partnership Strategic Plan 2015-2018 has been developed to build on the successes of the previous plan and further enhance our community as a safe and desirable place to live. The renaming of the Cleansweep Taskforce to the Safer Communities Partnership was considered a priority by the Steering Group and has been implemented in conjunction with the development of the new Strategic Plan. The new name is a more relevant reflection of the goals of the partnership and commitment of the Steering Group membership who are working together to address community safety within the communities throughout the City of Karratha.


Safer Communities Partnership Strategic Plan 2015-2018

Four strategic goals were identified through the review of the Cleansweep Taskforce Strategic Plan 2012-2015 and following the community and stakeholder consultation process. Specific objectives have been set in relation to each of these goals and an action plan process will be undertaken with the Steering Group to affirm the key projects to be delivered each year under the Safer Communities Partnership Strategic Plan 2015-2018.

1. Safe and well maintained public spaces

2. Partnering for a safer community

3. Communications and promotion

4. Community action, connection and involvement


Safer Communities Partnership Strategic Plan

View the Safer Communities Partnership Strategic Plan 2015-18 (1MB)


Current Initiatives

Crime prevention

The City is installing additional lighting along our footpaths to improve lighting and make our walkways safer.  Some lighting has already been installed in Millars Well with additional lighting to be installed in Millars Well and Bulgarra. 

Motorbike theft continues to be an issue, primarily due to bikes being left unsecured.   To assist community members are able to purchase locks at heavily subsidised rates.  Locks can be purchased from Northwest Honda or the Roebourne Post Office.

Getting to know your neighbours is a great way to improve neighbourhood safety and build cohesive communities.  To assist, handy fridge magnets were distributed to all households to prompt neighbours to swap contact details.  The magnets also contain essential phone contact numbers.  Additional magnets can be collected from the City of Karratha Administration office.    

To assist emergency services locate property addresses, all residences had their property number painted on the kerb in reflective paint.  An infill program will be continued for new properties within the City of Karratha.


We contract a local company, Decor8 to remove graffiti and apply anti-graffiti coatings throughout the City.  We also provide free community removal kits to residents, businesses and schools.  These kits can be collected from the Karratha, Dampier, Roebourne and Wickham Libraries or from the City of Karratha Administration office.

We work with the Department of Corrective Service’s Juvenile Justice and Repay WA program to carry out further graffiti removal.

A community art project, featuring indigenous and contemporary art styles is underway in Roebourne, which will be installed around the basketball courts and skate scape. 

You can report graffiti through our Contact Us page or by contacting the Community Safety Coordinator on 9186 8555.


Community groups can register to carry out community litter clean ups to help raise funds for the group.  Through our Bucks for Bags program we will donate $6 per bag of rubbish collected.  The City will provide nearly all resources required to assist with the cleanup.  Contact the Community Safety Coordinator if your group is interested.

We work closely with our Rangers team to respond to reports of litter dumping. 

Litter associated with unsecure loads continues to be an issue.  The ‘What’s coming out your rear end? Secure you load’ campaign includes installation of strategically placed roadside signs and information flyers to remind road users to secure their loads. 

Education is key to addressing litter in our community.  Captain Cleanup will be attending all primary schools, providing fun, interactive live shows to students which promote pride in the community and responsible ways to dispose of litter. 

Littering or dumping rubbish is an offence.  Anyone can report offences through our Online Litter Report Form or phone 9186 8555.

Alcohol management

We are members of the Liquor Accord and West Pilbara Alcohol Management Group.  We support responsible alcohol projects such as the ‘Skippers’ program which provides free non-alcoholic drinks to designated drivers. 

Educational banners regarding street drinking offences have been placed at regularly visited public places throughout the City. 

Road/vehicle safety

We work with our Rangers team and WA Police to address road and off-road vehicle issues. 

The Safer Communities Partnership participated in the ‘Keys for Life Road Safety Expo’ which targets new road users, through the ‘Keys for Life’ program implemented in local high schools. 

We are members of the Pilbara Industry Road Safety Alliance and WALGA Roadwise program.

The City purchased a variable message sign which is be used to promote safe driving and community safety messages.


For more information contact the Community Safety Coordinator on 9186 8555.