City of Karratha

Use of Weighbridge


  1. When entering the facility the road will be divided in to three lanes:
           a. Left lane – residential customers;
           b. Middle lane – commercial customers;
           c. Right lane – outgoing traffic (commercial and residential);
    Please note the speed limit when entering the facility is 30km/hr however it will reduce to 8km/hr before the weighbridge and will remain at this speed limit until the vehicle leaves the site.
  2. Commercial vehicles (using the central lane) will be required to stop completely where indicated - approximately 30 metres from the weighbridge ramp;
  3. Driver to change radio to UHF Channel 6 for communication with the Weighbridge Operator if required;
  4. Vehicle can only move from the stop position when indicated by the green light –
            a. Before moving the vehicle the driver is to advise the Weighbridge Operator, by UHF Channel 6,  the type of waste being disposed of;
  5. Controlled Waste Carriers, Special Disposal Requirement Permit Holder (formally known as Contaminated Waste), vehicles with purchase orders and vehicles without a UHF radio must stop before the weighbridge ramp (as sign-posted). Drivers will disembark from their vehicle, proceed to the ‘Incoming Documentation’ window at the weighbridge hut and handover documentation or (if no radio) advise the type of waste they are carrying.  Note driver must not approach the ‘Incoming Documentation’ window via the weighbridge ramp. 

    All other vehicles move to point 7.;
  6. Driver to return to their vehicle.
  7. Proceed with caution onto the weighbridge and come to a complete stop;
  8. Vehicle can move off the weighbridge when red signal changes to green.  Driver will be advised by Weighbridge Operator, via radio, which area to proceed to dispose of the waste;
  9. Proceed with caution to disposal area observing 8km/hr speed limit;


  1. Approach weighbridge using the left hand central lane and stop completely where indicated – approximately 30 metres from the weighbridge ramp;
  2. Proceed with caution on to the weighbridge when the red signal changes to green;
  3. Vehicle must come to a complete stop alongside the Weighbridge Hut;
  4. Driver will disembark from their vehicle and proceed to the ‘Outgoing Documentation’ window;
  5. Documentation will be processed as normal;
  6. Driver will return to their vehicle and move slowly off the weighbridge when red light changes to green;
  7. Vehicle will merge with residential outgoing traffic in the left lane.