City of Karratha

Karratha City Centre Infrastructure Works

The Karratha City Centre development is important for Karratha's growth as a major City of the North. The City of Karratha, in partnership with LandCorp and the State Government, is developing a vibrant and attractive city centre.

By revitalising Karratha's infrastructure and offering modern development opportunities the City will be transformed into a vibrant and integrated community which will attract a population of 50,000 people.

Karratha's reputation as a vibrant and integrated city is being enhanced by the large-scale development opportunities being delivered in the city centre. On par with capital city developments, the upgrades to major infrastructure, residential developments and the building of a mixed-use local centre, are completing Karratha's transformation from regional mining town to a significant regional city.

The City of Karratha, in partnership with the State Government and LandCorp, is developing Karratha as a major City of the North – a city that offers affordability, high-quality amenity and city infrastructure to a growing permanent population living and working in a local community that is supported by a diversified economy.

Funded by Royalties for Regions, this project forms part of the State Government’s Pilbara Cities initiative.

Project benefits

The project will facilitate the development of a well-appointed city centre that meets the needs of residents and visitors both now and in the future. 

It will develop new retail, commercial and residential opportunities, providing residents and visitors with greater accessibility to a range of services and family friendly places.

Through sustainable growth, this project will establish Karratha as a destination of choice offering modern services and amenities which will attract and retain a broad range of people wanting to settle permanently in the region.


For more information about the works currently underway, please contact

Travis McNaught - Landcorp Senior Development Manager – Pilbara
Suite 49 Karratha Business Centre 5 Sharpe Avenue Karratha Western Australia 6714
08 9482 7505

Contact the City of Karratha:
Phone: (08) 9186 8555