City of Karratha

Singapore flight negotiations continue

31 Jan 2017

Negotiations with international airlines to bring a service to Karratha Airport will continue following a tender process.

While no tenders were received on time, an international airline submitted a tender after the due date.

Council has authorised the CEO to investigate price, marketing and sales responsibilities, flight timing and other contractual terms with interested airlines for Council to make a final decision on.

City of Karratha Mayor Peter Long said Councillors had noted widespread enthusiasm for the Karratha to Singapore flight route but it would take some negotiation to put a package together for Council to vote on.

“Attracting a new international flight route is a big undertaking and it is excellent to see that we have interest from a respected international carrier,” Cr Long said.

“We need to make sure that we are getting a good deal for these flights so we will negotiate with the interested airline to see if we can make the service viable,” he said.

“Before the service can happen we need to have issues like ticket pricing, schedule and marketing and sales responsibilities worked out with the prospective carrier so there is still some way to go in this process.”

Negotiations will take place with the interested airline over the coming months with any proposal to be voted on by Council prior to being accepted.